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LATIN AMERICA: "Mexico Continues to Lead as Lowest-Cost Country for U.S. Outsourcing; U.S. Closing C

LATIN AMERICA: "Mexico Continues to Lead as Lowest-Cost Country for U.S. Outsourcing; U.S. Closing Cost Gap with China" report. 3-page report by AlixPartners.

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March,  2005

Brazil's Economic Growth Is Highest in 10 Years
RIO DE JANEIRO -- Economic growth in Brazil slowed in the fourth quarter of 2004 from the third, but still rose enough to bring full-year growth to its highest level in 10 years, giving a boost to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Si (...)
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The employment relationship in Brazil
The employment relationship in Brazil remains under the governance of the Law Decree no. 5452 of May 1st, 1943, Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho (CLT). At least two thirds of the employees of any employer, whether of a resident (...)
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Let's Sell Brazil
Sometimes, life isn't fair. Brazil has made almost unbelievable progress over the last decade, yet here we go again saying that everyone must try harder. We probably sound like the irascible sergeant-major, always shoutin (...)
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Best Business City in Latin America
In 2004 Sao Paulo celebrated its 450th birthday, and the readers of Latin Trade for the third consecutive year selected it as the best city to do business in Latin America. The list of reasons continues to impress: Sou (...)
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FDI in Mexico in 2004 stood at 16.601 billion USD
2004 was an excellent year for in receiving foreign direct investment.  The total amount of FDI received in 2004 was 16.601 billion USD and such investments came from USA 48%, Spain 34%, Switzerland 7.2%, Canada 2.1%, Germany 2.1 (...)
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Congress approves 2005 tax reform
The Mexican Congress recently approved a tax reform that increases the administrative burden and effective tax rates of both resident and nonresident taxpayers. The reform measures entered into force on 1 January 2005. Tax Rate (...)
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Importance of the mechanical sector in the Mexican economy
The metal-mechanical sector plays a vital role in the country's economy, given that it supports a large range of industries in Mexico (mining, fishing, agroindustry, electric, electronics, steel, metallurgy, ports, oil, automobiles, (...)
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