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April,  2005

To Lose And To Gain Face – The Face Culture Of Asia
Everyone working in China has, at one point or another, been confronted with Chinese face culture. To make somebody lose his or her face seems to be the most terrible thing that can happen to a Chinese person."In (...)
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Crawl, Walk and Run—The Move Offshore
Implementing a LCCS program might sound anathema to manufacturers that have spent years developing long-term relationships with their domestic suppliers. Quality, convenience and reliability are the trademarks of these types of relationships. To furt (...)
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Sourcing from China: Everybody's Doing It, So Why Should We?
You only have to crack open the cover of any major business magazine to realize that Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) has become the current centerpiece of most cost reduction strategy discussions. But is it right for all (...)
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China: Value Added Tax Planning – How To reduce export costs by using Bonded Logistic Zones
Bonded Logistic Zones (BLZs) have made it possible for enterprises engaged in export processing trade (including direct and indirect exports) to reduce their transaction costs. Due to the difference between (...)
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The changing face of Japanese corporate governance - a farewell to tradition
Traditional Japanese model until the early 90s On account of their unique business practices, in the past Japanese corporations were considered a breed apart. On account of regulations, most companies relied (...)
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Pushed by competition, helped by government, China's small makers to export more
Pushed by competition with a raft of foreign giants for sales in the domestic market, and helped by a government in Beijing that is eager to promote exports, China's smaller makers—Chery, Geely and Hebei Zhongxing Automobile are lo (...)
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Managing organizational crises ... globally
When faced with extraordinary conditions, how well can your organization make timely decisions? In crisis, how confident are you that actions taken by your stakeholders around the globe will be based on best facts and clear th (...)
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Malaysia to take in labour from all countries for all sectors
Malaysia's Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers has announced that employers can now hire foreign workers from any source country to work in any sector following a crackdown on illegal foreign employment. To ease a labor (...)
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