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ASIA: "Tips to reduce your Singapore income tax" expert article

ASIA: "Tips to reduce your Singapore income tax" expert article. 2-page expert article by KPMG Singapore.

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July,  2005

Workaholism in Asia
Although workaholism may be the subject of much mirth and humour - in reality, it is not a joke. This is because it affects the efficiency and productivity of the companies in which the workaholics are found. Contrary to most expecta (...)
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The practice of low-cost country sourcing (LCCS) is accelerating
Here's an in-depth look at this cost-saving trendLured by low material, manufacturing and labor costs, and advanced by desires to penetrate emerging markets, enterprises are aggressiv (...)
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Increasing your value: An automotive global supply approach
In today's increasingly transparent global markets, it's no longer a black science for outsiders (including customers) to predict the financial and operational performance of other organizations. Today, thanks to some new technologies which take exte (...)
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A foreign perspective on China's ports and shipping
Interview with Robert Kledal by The China Business Review Robert Kledal is senior vice president and Regional Line manager for Maersk Sealand in the United States. Kledal moved to the United (...)
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With sales rising 30% a year, Indian part maker investments will top $1 billion
With annual sales rising at a rate of 30% a year the last couple of years, Indian parts makers expect to invest about $1 billion this year, and to raise spending 10-15% annually into the indefinite future, the Hindu Business Line newspaper reported f (...)
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Thailand: What are the legal requirements for establishing a company?
Three basic forms of corporate structure are recognized in Thailand: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and a Limited Corporation. In addition, foreigners can register a company as a branch office, representative office, regional offic (...)
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Establish a business presence in Japan in one of three modes
In order to increase the amount of business growth in the Japanese market, it is usually necessary for your company to open an office in Japan. Some companies make this decision very early on in order to position for future growth, and other companie (...)
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RMs can help thwart kidnappers
While kidnappings and hostage situations have been well covered by media outlets since the start of the war in Iraq, several countries have been hotbeds of kidnappings, including Colombia. About 15,000 incidents occur annually across (...)
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Don't put all eggs in China basket: METI
Japanese companies should seek to establish a regionwide network in East Asia to maximize their business efficiency, turning not only to China but also to the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations as their production bases, a government wh (...)
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Protect company trade secrets from in-house thieves
When most people hear the term trade secret” they automatically think about something major like the formula for Coca-Cola; they don't realize that trade secret theft can impact businesses of all sizes. When em (...)
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