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EUROPE: "Managing mobility matters 2006" report. 52-page report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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February,  2005

Region in Focus: East Europe
Excerpts from the PwC AUTOFACTS "Executive Perspectives" - 2005 Q1 Quarterly Forecast UpdateEast Europe is shaping up as the next frontier. Following the accession Central Eur (...)
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Mind the money
With the EU's eastward expansion, shouldn't managing cash in central and eastern Europe be a lot easier than it is?  For western Europe's corporate treasurers, the adoption of the e (...)
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Central Europe faces rocky road to Euro
The ten countries that acceded to the European Union (EU) on May 1, 2004 are all expected to adopt the euro by 2010–11. In order to adopt the euro, they must first meet the criteria on inflation, interest rates, fisc (...)
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Leadership spend still shows limited return on investment
The world's largest ever human capital survey has revealed that companies across Europe are spending vast sums on leadership development, but are getting few tangible benefits in return. Key Trends in Human Capit (...)
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Collaboration on the web
As the business world becomes increasingly global, collaboration among far-flung team members is crucial, yet challenging. Thunderbird's Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Thomas Selling makes the case for web-based collaboration (...)
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EU Newcomers enjoying booming economies
Newcomers to the European Union saw substantial economic growth in 2004. Eurostat reports that Slovakia posted a 5.3-percent growth rate, while the gross domestic product (GDP) surged 4.8 percent in Poland, 3.7 percent in Hungary, and 3.6 percent in (...)
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Global investment gathering steam
Germany remains the destination of choice in Continental Europe As foreign direct investment regains momentum, developing countries in Asia stand to gain the most. But in t (...)
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Language skills critical to business success in global marketplace
The ability to speak more than one language is critical to succeed in business in Europe, Asia and Latin America, according to a survey of executive recruiters. The survey by HR consultants Korn/Ferry Internation (...)
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Turkey: Uneven progress
One of the key conundrums in Turkey's economic development has long been how to tackle the uneven spread of financial and industrial might across its many and diverse provinces. With much of the nation's income generation concentrate (...)
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Driving down transport costs
Recent European legislation restricts the number of hours that drivers can work Hard-pressed logistics and supply chain directors know that driving down their transportation costs is becoming more (...)
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