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EUROPE: "Brexit opens Pandora’s box of legal issues for international companies" report

EUROPE: "Brexit opens Pandora’s box of legal issues for international companies" report. 8-page report by KPMG.

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April,  2005

Corporate Governance: Why Germany's supervisory boards need reforming
Traditionally, supervisory board members consider themselves supervisors of corporate systems rather than overseers of corporate operations. Ninety percent or more of the responsibility for the company's success or failure is felt to (...)
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Tips Regarding Cultural Differences
From pungent cheese to strong coffee, decisions on whether to bring a gift, raised voices or prolonged periods of silence in the boardroom, and the determination of what to wear … global business travel can sometimes present un (...)
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BMW Purchasing – Interview with Dr. Klaus Richter – Head of Materials Purchasing BMW Group
The latest supplier satisfaction survey suggests that "suppliers are losing trust in BMW and that the quality of communication between BMW and its suppliers has fallen". Any comment? (...)
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Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Europe
There is no doubt that in some parts of the world, we are witnessing the birth of an age where sales of full hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) will be measured in the hundreds of thousands or possibly even millions. (...)
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Single monetary policy a bane?
The recent data on economic growth in the euro area has once again stoked concerns that the ECB's monetary policy geared to the EMU average is increasingly struggling to take account of realities on the ground. E (...)
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Competitive Germany
In the eyes of its European partners, Germany has become a far more competitive business location than its own executives realize. That's the chief conclusion of the latest Handelsblatt Business Monitor survey carried out by the P (...)
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Privatization progress in Central Eastern Europe
In terms of the private sector share of gross domestic product, the new EU member states from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE-8) have achieved substantial convergence towards the developed Western countries. Private activities genera (...)
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