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USA: "Autos: US Sales Tracking to Exceed 17 million Over Next Several Years (August 2014)" report

USA: "Autos: US Sales Tracking to Exceed 17 million Over Next Several Years (August 2014)" report. 6-page report by BAIRD.

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February,  2005

Attacking health care cost inflation: Beyond cost shifting
Data from recent ASE surveys suggest that employers have adopted strong cost-cutting and cost control strategies. Nowhere has this been more evident than the area of health care. More often than not, these strategies have taken the f (...)
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Hybrid vehicle market share expected to peak at 3 percent in the U.S.
Thirty-Eight Hybrid Vehicle Models to be Available by 2011 Despite rapid growth in hybrid-electric vehicle sales forecasted over the next few years, hybrid market share is expected to top o (...)
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Tax incentives: An endangered species?
This powerful tool for increasing the competitiveness of states and nations is increasingly coming under fire. In September 2004, an investment tax credit gran (...)
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Bullseye! Tools to help you target the right (distribution center) site
There's a lot riding on where you decide to locate a distribution center or warehouse. The selection of a site will have a major impact not only on your company's operating costs but also on its customer service levels. Unfortunately (...)
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10 essential tips to ensure your press release makes the news
•  Make sure the information is newsworthy. •  Tell the audience that the information is intended for them and why they should continue to read it. •  Start with a brief description (...)
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Another H-1B visa battle coming?
An omnibus bill approved by President Bush last month expands the H-1B visa program's current annual cap of 65,000 workers by granting an exemption for up to 20,000 foreigners earning graduate degrees at U.S. schools, a move that (...)
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Employers take note of the new Michigan Social Security Number Privacy Act
Employers in Michigan should be aware of a new Michigan law, known as the Social Security Number Privacy Act, which restricts certain uses of social security numbers and imposes certain obligations on entities that collect those n (...)
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