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CHINA: "Strength of SUVs Does not Change – Independent Brands Face Significant Difficulties" newslet

CHINA: "Strength of SUVs Does not Change – Independent Brands Face Significant Difficulties" newsletter. POLK China Newsletter - March 2013.

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What are On-Demand Seminars?

On-Demand Seminars are informative, seminars via the Internet. They are typically 20-60 minutes long and cover various international business solutions for busy professionals and executives worldwide. Each Seminar is presented by leading experts from around the world.

What executives say ...
- 94% of attendees rate seminars 'excellent' or 'very good'
- 99% of attendees state they'll attend future seminars
- 95% of attendees state they'll recommend attending seminar to colleagues

International topics include ...

  • Supply Chain/Logistics/Purchasing
  • HR/Talent Management
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Finance/Tax
  • Manufacturing/Engineering
  • Industries/Markets (automotive, aerospace, electronics, etc.)
  • Doing Business In… (by country, region or global topic)
  • And more…


    CHINA: "The Automotive Aftermarket in China"

    GLOBAL: "Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain" 3-part series

    SOUTH AMERICA: "The South American Automotive Market"

    MEXICO: "The Automotive Industry in Mexico"

    ASIA: "Country Risk Analysis in Southeast Asia"

    THAILAND: "Doing Business in Thailand"

    ISRAEL: "The Automotive Industry in Israel"

    JAPAN: "Culture is not an Excuse - Building and Maintaining Business Relationships with Japanese OEMs, Managing Staff Across Borders"

    BRAZIL: "Doing Business in Brazil: 2014 Compliance Requirements from Invoicing to Payroll"

    GLOBAL: "Job Specific Spanish"

    MEXICO: "The Aerospace Industry in Mexico"

    MEXICO: "Doing Business in Mexico" (in English)

    CHINA: "Selling in China: Are Your Products/Services Right for China?"

    JAPAN: "Opportunities in the Japanese Automotive Supplier Industry - Demographics and Global Diffusion Driving Major Changes in Attitudes"

    ASIA: "Shipping and Customs Duty Guide: Bringing in product from China and Asia"

    BRAZIL: "Automotive Legislation and Certification"

    CHINA: "China's Urban Mobility Challenge"

    CHINA: "China Market Penetration: Strategy for launching your product line in China and Asia"

    MEXICO: "Doing Business in Mexico" (in Japanese)

    GLOBAL: "Self-Defense and International Business Travel"

    USA: "U.S. Executive Compensation"

    GLOBAL: "Emerging Markets as Investment Destination"

    USA: "The U.S. Automotive Market"

    MEXICO: "Tax Strategies for Manufacturing in Mexico"

    EUROPE: "Eastern & Central European Automotive SCM & Infrastructure"

    "Emerging Markets as Investment Destination"

    RUSSIA: "Expat Issues: Moving to Russia"

    INDIA: "Corporate Tax Update"

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